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Sun Joe SPX3000 Review

Our review: 5/5

The Sun Joe SPX 3000 is an electrically powered pressure washer which is built to perform the heavy residential cleaning need with the utmost efficiency. This is reflected in its design. It may not be the strongest power washer out there, but it’s a fantastic household grade electric power washer.

The review shall be divided into the following sections:

1. Specifications: We review all the nuts and bolts that define the machine’s abilities and limitations
2. Set-up: We see how easy it is to assemble and get it up and running
3. Use: We try out the product and see if it is easy to use and how effectively it can do its job
4. Maintenance: We consider what’s needed for general upkeep of the product
5. Conclusion: We give the final verdict


1. Specifications

The Sun Joe SPX 3000 boasts a top rating of 2,030 psi and water flow of 1.76 gpm. This isn’t the highest rating for a pressure washer or even for an electrical pressure washer but it is enough to do some of the heavy lifting in terms of cleaning in the household. Sun Joe SPX 3000 operates on a 120-volt Universal single-phase motor that consumes 14.5 amps. It has a 35 foot long power cord that comes with GFCI protection which is an added defense against electrical shocks. Thanks to the ever helpful TSS technology, the motor only runs when the trigger in the spray gun handle is pulled and turns off when the trigger is released.

5 quick connect nozzles are included that are color-coded to define their degree and application. The nozzle degrees are 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and a special nozzle for soap application.

Side view of the Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX 3000 is built with two removable detergent tanks for a more versatile cleaning experience. Each tank can be filled with a different type of detergent.

The 20-foot high pressure hose comes with the unit along with garden hose connectors. The machine also has 2 rear wheels for easy mobility.

2. Set up

Once the product is delivered, open the box and ensure that all the parts and pieces stated in the product description are there. Any missing parts can be requested from their customer service and will be delivered to you immediately, the customer service is fantastic. The contents of the box, according to the Operator’s Manual, should include:

1. Electric pressure washer
2. Handle
3. Trigger gun
4. Spray wand
5. Five (5) Quick-Connect nozzles (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and Soap)
6. Two (2) removable detergent tanks
7. Four (4) large screws
8. Two (2) small screws
9. Spray wand protector
10. Trigger gun holder
11. Hose holder
12. Needle clean-out tool
13. High-pressure hose
14. Garden hose adapter (female coupler) with two sealing rings
15. Manual with registration card

Assembly is quit easy and is explained in great detail in the Operator’s Manual. The only problem is that the manual reads a little erratically. Each page is divided into 2 columns and the words looks like they were squeezed in to fit as many into a page as possible.

SunJoe accessories

Setting up the Sun Joe SPX 3000 will require the use of a screwdriver and will take some 30 minutes of your time and patients. Refer to the manual step-by-step to avoid any mistakes and make the process as speedy as possible. Do not be irritated by this. The fact that the product requires so much screws and parts only speaks volumes on its durability.

3. Use

Using the Sun Joe SPX 3000 for the first time was a trip. Like I said, it is a very powerful pressure washer by electrical standards. I found that it can thoroughly clean cars, driveways and even do a little gardening. (haha, but seriously, perfect for watering plants)

Using the SPX 3000

Make use of the nozzles to regulate pressure depending on the task. In some cases the water pressure is just so strong that it can damage the surface being cleaned. The 25-degree nozzle is the all-purpose nozzle and is best for general cleaning. The 40-degree is for cleaning with gentleness while the 15-degree nozzle is for the toughest dirt and stains. Use the 0-degree nozzle for high up and hard to reach places as it will offer the greatest pressure and is too powerful for general chores.

The fact that it starts and stops with the pull of the trigger makes it safer to use and lets you save a good amount of water. I found this feature most ideal for gardening as it allowed me to water the plants much more efficiently than a garden hose. Use the 40-degree nozzle for this because a lower degree will be to strong and can damage the plants.

SPX3000 nozzles and nozzle holder

Take note that the Sun Joe SPX 3000 is still a household washer and cannot do the really heavy duty jobs like peeling paint. This will require a gas pressure washer with over 2500 psig of pressure.

4. Maintenance

The product’s general maintenance is elaborated best in its manual. The manual is clear and concise on the washers maintenance requirements so if you buy this product, read it entirely before doing anything else. As stated in the Operator’s Manual, the maintenance shall include:

1. Being sure to regularly check and clean the water inlet filter. Rinse with warm water
2. Always cleaning the nozzles with the provided needle clean-out tool
3. Removing any additional debris by back flushing water through the nozzle and spray wand.
The overall maintenance of the Sun Joe is surprisingly low for an electrical pressure washer. Take great care in plugging the washer in and use only water resistant power extension cords. Allow it to cool after use and store the unit in places where the temperature will not fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Conclusions

The Sun Joe SPX 3000 is one of the most popular pressure washer purchased in Amazon for a good reason. It is one of the best electric pressure washers out there for residential cleaning. It works best for car washing and cleaning concrete and wood surfaces and double as a very helpful gardening tool.
If your looking to pee paint however, you may need to get a gas-powered pressure washer. Though it may not be the pressure washer for truly heavy jobs, the Sun Joe SPX 3000 is still a pretty strong washer that will get the job done and leave the surface spotless.

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