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Pressure Washer Hoses

The hose needed to operate a pressure washer has to be a sturdy one. It must be strong enough to be dragged around your property and durable enough to withstand water pressure going at 1000s of pounds per square inch. Hoses will inevitably have to be replaced.

Take into account things like the material used, if it is usable for hot as well as cold water, if it can be easily connected to your pressure washer, and if it’s length is suitable enough to reach all the areas that need to be cleaned.

In this article, we will see all the factors to consider when choosing the right hose for your pressure washer.


The material the hose is made from will define how durable and flexible the hose is. Some hoses include a metal wire braiding to add to its durability and prolong the product’s life. What a hose is made of will also tell you how much water pressure and temperature the hose can withstand. A hose made from quality materials will likely be more durable and flexible but also pricier.

1. Plastic hose – The cheapest hose out there, it’s a hose typically used with electric pressure washers. It’s flexible enough to do the job but is not very sturdy. It’s an affordable hose that will do serviceable work but that you will end up having to replace every few months or less.

2. Rubber or Synthetic Rubber hose – This will do great for almost all light to heavy duty pressure washer cleaning jobs. It’s affordable enough to be an easy buy but durable enough to last.

An example of a synthetic rubber hose



3. Polyurethane hose – Simply the top of the line hose in all aspects. It is the most durable and most flexible of all the hoses but the most expensive as well. But never let the price of the hose deter you, if you buy this hose, it will last you a really, really long time.


You can find the appropriate diameter of hose for your pressure washer in the user manual or even in the hose you are currently using with the pressure washer. Take the hose with you to the store as an example. The are usually 3 options to choose from:

1. 1/4 inch – The most common diameter used among pressure washers today. They are good for all-purpose cleaning and can withstand a fair amount of water flow. Hoses with this diameter are also the easiest to find as they are available online and in most relevant stores.

1/4″ hose

2. 3/8 inch – This diameter is the thickest and is used for heavy duty cleaning as it can withstand the intense water flow of pro pressure washers. The sturdiest diameter for high powered pressure washing, use this if your pressure washer has a rating of 3000 psi or more.

3/8″ hoses are significantly thicker than 1/4″ hoses

3. 5/16 inch – The rarest diameter out there since the 1/4 inch and the 3/8 inch pretty much encompasses all the hose need for a pressure washer user. Very few pressure washers use 5/16 inch hoses and thus are often harder to find. 5/16 is slightly smaller than 3/8.

Remember that for the same pressure, 1/4″ diameter offers a lot more flow restriction than the 3/8″. As a result, 1/4″ hoses heat up and break more often.


This is a choice of personal preference. Think about where you will be taking the pressure washer and how far it will be from its water source. Also understand that a hose that’s too long can be harder to handle and can get tangled. A hose that is too short though will restrict mobility and make it hard to clean those far of areas of your home. The usual choices are 25 feet, 35 feet, and 50 feet.


The hose you buy will be useless to your pressure washer if it cannot be connected to the machine in the first place. Connectors usually come with the pressure washer upon purchase and adapters are also available for purchases in the case that the don’t fit with your hose.

1. Female and Male M22 threaded – The most standard and common form of connectors, almost all hoses that are purchased for pressure washer use will be a female M22 connector on both sides so the spray gun it will be attached to must be a male M22.

M22 adaptor

2. Male and Female Quick-connection – The QC connectors usually come with the pressure washer itself but you may purchase more online.

male M22 to female QC adaptor



Be sure to check the User Manual on the proper specifications required when replacing your hose. Never go shopping for pressure washer parts blindly. No what’s needed first and foremost.

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