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Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure Washers are machines of power and efficiency. Their ability to clean with high water pressure is one of the most effective ways to clean anywhere and will leave the surface it’s cleaning virtually spotless. A pressure washer by itself is a powerful tool that is a must have of any household.

A pressure washer accompanied with certain accessories however will afford the user greater control over such power and direct it towards the task at hand. Whether washing your car or watering the plants, using the right attachment will ensure that what’s need to be cleaned get cleaned in the right way with the utmost results. Other accessories are used to prolong the life of the machine itself or other accessories.

Listed below are the 11 of the most common pressure washer attachments that can be found in the market today:

1. Nozzle – There are usual 4 degrees of nozzle which define the strength of the water pressure. Although the water pressure from the gun and wand is powerful enough, using nozzles will add more concentration to the spray for a specific task.

0-degrees – for blasting, used for removing caked mud on tools and rust from steel or aluminum. For the really stubborn stains.
15-degrees – for stripping, used to strip paint from any surface, marine growth on boats, and heavy mildew stains. May also remove rust and oxidization
25-degrees – for cleaning, used to get rid of general dust and dirt. This is your all-purpose nozzle.
40-degrees – for very light jobs, use it for very delicate cleaning on surfaces like windows, roofs, and vehicles.
There are also pressure washers that come with soap or detergent nozzles to aid in the cleaning process.

2. Nozzle Protectors – They are attached to the very tip of the nozzle to protect the nozzle and the surface it’s cleaning. Some nozzle protectors can be easily slipped on while others are attached be being screwed on.

3. Spray Wands – Pretty every pressure washer is sold with spray wands. They are attached to the spray guns and are responsible for the compression of the water being pumped in. Wands may be made of regular metal or stainless steel and some even come with a nozzle already attached which you can twist to adjust the water pressure.

4. Lances – Lances is a form of wand only much longer. They are used to clean those very high up and hard to reach places. A telescoping lance is attached to a pressure washer to reach and clean 2nd story heights.

5. Brooms – These are attached to the end of a pressure washer lance and splits the spay into 2 to 3 that will clean a wider surface area with every pass.

6. Turbo Pins – Turbo pins are rotating 0-degree nozzles that jet water at 3000 psi for removing very tough dirt and stubborn stains. The fact that the pin rotates means it’s spray forms a cone shape and can over the same area as a 25-degree nozzle. Best on concrete surfaces and the removal of oil or grease.

7. Brushes – A brush can help your cleaning by scrubbing away the dirt and grime along with the water spray. Most brushes rotate for a more thorough job. This is great for cars and other vehicle.

8. Surface Cleaners – These attachments allow you to clean a wider surface are by way of a rotating nozzle bar. The round, enclosed space ensure the spat to be more concentrated and avoid any flying dirt or debri from hitting you are the area around you. They come at varying diameters and are the best attachments for cleaning flat surfaces.

9. Spray Guns – Most electrically-powered pressure washer already includes a spray gun in its packaging that are usually made of plastic. If you wish to have a spray gun with more durability and a longer lifespan, buy on made of brass or stainless steel components.

10. Foamers – Flamers are attached to the wand or spray gun and filled with detergent or pressure washering soap to help pull the dirt easily from the surface being cleaned when you go over it with the strong water spray.

11. Water Filters – These are used to keep any unwanted debris or particles in your water supply. Best attachment if you get your water from sources like a well or dam. Connect it between your pressure pump and feed line.

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