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Karcher K1700 Power Washer Review

Our Rating: 4.7

Karcher is probably the grandfather brand of all pressure washers. It’s the largest manufacturer of pressure washers and pressure washer accessories out there so it has more than proven itself time and time again of its own reliability. Karcher’s ability to stay relevant through the years owes much to its innovations in all aspects of the pressure washer. I expect that the Karcher K1700 won’t likely be any different.

In this review, we shall tackle whether or not the Karcher K1700 lives up to the Karcher name. The review shall be divided into the following sections:

1. Specifications: We review all the nuts and bolts that define the machine’s abilities and limitations
2. Set-up: We see how easy it is to assemble and get it up and running
3. Use: We try out the product and see if it is easy to use and how effectively it can do its job
4. Maintenance: We consider what’s needed for general upkeep of the product
5. Conclusion: We give the final verdict



1. Specifications

The Karcher K1700 has a rating of 1,700 psi and a 1.2 gpm powered by the ever standard, Universal motor. This of course is noticeably low when pressure tends to be the name of the game. It is however; proportionate to its price in that sense since it is one of the cheapest high quality pressure washers out there.

With a heavy duty metal frame lending it some durability, the Karcher is built like a tank. The hose itself is all-metal and it rolls on over sized never-flat wheels for more maneuverability.

The product includes 3 nozzles: a 15-degree all-purpose nozzle, a turbo nozzle, and a detergent nozzle. This may seem considerably less than other brands that offer of 5 nozzles but the nozzles that come with the Karcher K1700 are all the nozzles you’ll need.

Karcher standard 5 nozzle kit

It comes with a removable detergent tank and a removable large storage bin. Both are big pluses on convenience.

The Karcher K1700, like all other Karcher pressure washers, comes with 3-year limited warranty and is part of their Rapid Exchange Program. Any defect or malfunction in the machine will only take one call to have it replaced with a completely new washer. You’ll find that this is the best warranty offer of any pressure washer out there. For this reason alone, Karcher washers are absolutely worth the money

2. Set up

The Karcher K1700 advertises that assembly will only take 5 minutes and that no tools at all are required. This may very well be true if you’ve owned a Karcher pressure washer before. If you’re like me however, you will need to make use of the manual. Listed below is a list of parts and box contents as stated in the manual:

1. Water Inlet
2. High Pressure Outlet
3. Hose Connector
4. ON/Off Pedal
5. Nozzles
6. Turbo Nozzle
7. High Pressure Hose
8. Spray Wand
9. Spray Gun
10. Detergent Tank
11. Power Cord

The manual itself reads a little erratically. Although it covers all the needed information in an easy-to-understand language, the splitting of each page into two columns makes reading it kind of an eye sore.

On/off foot pedal

The short version basically is that all parts are hand screwed to each other easily enough and the product does make good on its promise on not requiring any tools for set up.

3. Use

The product is very… complex. The use of the on/off pedal is a new for me but you get accustomed to it right away. To me it is not as convenient as the trigger on the gun handle though. There are a lot of buttons and switches in different places so be patient cause it will take some getting used to.

Use the spray wand for general cleaning purposes and the turbo wand for the more heavy duty work. It would be wise to test it out first on a small, inconspicuous area of the object being cleaned to see if it damages the surface before proceeding to clean the whole object.

Wand and hose storage

The 15-degree nozzle is the best for all-around cleaning. Like with the turbo wand, reserve the turbo nozzle only for the heaviest of cleaning jobs. It was kinda strange working with only three nozzles available. I really didn’t know whether to feel insecure of the lack of choices or refreshed at the simplicity of use.

As for the cleaning itself, it cleans about as effectively as what can be expected from a 1,700 psi pressure washer. It does the job it can quit well which means it great for cleaning cars, wood and concrete walls, fences, driveways, and all the like. It isn’t quite as good in peeling of paint, getting rid of deep stains, or cleaning things that are at a 2 story height (like most electric washers. The detergent tank is standard and serviceable enough to be convenient.

Do understand that there is no noise reduction with this machine so the motor can be a bit load. It can be used indoors but because of the lawn mower-like noise it creates, it would be wise to give fair warning to any of the other residents.

1/2 litre soap box

4. Maintenance

The Karcher K1700‘s general maintenance is elaborated best in its manual. Read the manual immediately after purchase.

Only use cold water in the operation of this washer and – as it is electrical – take care to not to electrocute yourself. Only use water-resistant extension cords. It would also probably be best to use Karcher made oils and solutions as no one else can truly understand the upkeep needs of their products better than Karcher themselves.

Luckily, the maintenance products are widespread and readily available in all relevant stores.

5. Conclusions

The Karcher K1700 is a reliable product with enough kick to make it an effective household grade pressure washer. It comes with enough quality attachments and specs to make it just worth its low-price, but only just. For only a little more you could have a pressure washer with all the specs and attachments of the Karcher along with much more. With the Karcher K1700, you get exactly what you paid for. That’s not a bad thing – the Karcher K1700 is very inexpensive for the features it provides.

To clarify, It still is a reliable electric pressure washer and will do the cleaning fine. If you’re on the lookout for an affordable pressure washer to do some thorough cleaning on your car or house, then the Karcher K1700 won’t disappoint.

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