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Generac 6922 Review

Our rating: 4.85

The Generac 6922 is a nicely built gasoline-powered pressure washer that has been noted by users in its ability to thoroughly clean your driveway and decks. With previous models, it has proven itself a sturdy and reliable brand for its price range and thus the same is expected for the Generac 6922.

In this review, we shall tackle whether are not the pressure washer is worth the money. The review shall be divided into the following sections:

1. Specifications: We review all the nuts and bolts that define the machine’s abilities and limitations
2. Set-up: We see how easy it is to assemble and get it up and running
3. Use: We try out the product and see if it is easy to use and how effectively it can do its job
4. Maintenance: We consider what’s needed for general upkeep of the product
5. Conclusion: We give the final verdict


1. Specifications:

The Generac 6922 runs on an OVH horizontal engine with a power of 196cc, which is larger than that of competition. The fuel supply has a capacity of 3.2 qt. and the first oil supply of engine is included withing the box.

The common axial pump is good at creating high pressured water jets and can last for around 60-150 hours. The products boast rate of 2,800 psi and a 2.4 gpm so it is more than adequate in performing house and garden cleaning.

Easy access hose connections

The product comes with 4 quick change nozzles which are used for different cleaning tasks. The 40-degree nozzles works best for cleaning you’re car and the low pressure nozzle is suited for cleaning wooden surfaces. Use the green nozzle for all the other general cleaning purposes.

With the half gallon detergent tank, it differs from its predecessors. The soap attachment gives the product more versatility but the 25 ft long hose is quit standard though reliable. The product weighs at 57 lb so it’s not too heavy and the 10” never-flat wheels offer greater mobility.

Half gallon detergent tank

The product comes with all the standard specs that would seem to let it do its job quit well.

2. Set-up:

The Generac 6922 is fairly easy to set up since upon opening the box, the first thing you see is the assembly manual taped to the top of the pressure washer. The motor oil, spray gun and metal wand, hose, and operator’s manual are all found at the sides and corners of the box. The 4 nozzles and a sachet of Star Bill – which you apply at every fill up to prevent corrosion – are found inside the same plastic as the operator’s manual.

The handle bar is located under the pressure washer, attached to its bottom. It slides into the holes of the machine quit easily and is fastened by tightening the bolts on either sides of the shoots. A bit wobbly though but it seems secure. There is a metal hang that also comes with the box that can be hooked on the handle bars to provide a place to hang the 25 ft long hose. After the handle bars, all that’s left to attach is the hose, gun, and wand. All these pieces link together with little effort on your part. I enjoyed the simplicity of the assembly so much that I really didn’t need to refer to the assembly manual. The operator’s manual will cover all the other important information and uses very easy to understand language. I took the time to read it in its entirety and so should you.

All that’s left after that is to load up and start!

3. Use:

The Generac 6922’s starting method is manual/recoil. Starting the power pressure up requires usually about one to two pulls to get the engine running. Once it does get going we found that it’s not exactly a very subtle machine. Common with most gasoline powered pressure washer, it gives off that loud, lawn mower-like sound that reasserts the fact that it’s an outdoor not indoor tool.

All the controls are located in one location and the hose and nozzles are accessible. The washer did do wonders for the porch and driveway, cleaning them to the point of spotlessness. Its lightweight does it justice, allowing me more mobility and lets me do the cleaning faster.

Generac nozzle washing a deck railing

The machine however is not an all-around cleaner. For instance the psi is fixed. Apart from the use of nozzles, The Generac 6922 does not allow you to regulate the intensity of the spray with a single control. It also is incapable of effectively cleaning surfaces that are at a 2nd story height or stripping of paint like commercial grade pressure washers can. It is strictly a household washer. (albeit a very good one) As it is a gas powered washer, it is not advisable for use indoors as it emit fumes that can be harmful to your health.

Despite that, the product still remains a safe choice and a good investment for your money.

4. Maintenance:

The product comes with a sachet of Star Bill to be applied with every fill up to prevent corrosion as well as other solutions to help in the washer’s maintenance. This is helpful because it saves you the trouble of having to go buy them separately thus also allowing you to use the machine immediately after set up. Allow the washer to cool down before storing and drain it of any remaining water because I found that it is prone to overheating like most pressure washers.

Make sure that the machine is free of dirt and debris before and after use as to not cause harm to the engine and its other mechanisms. Do not overfill when refilling the oil. Follow the manual in its directions on the right fuel and fuel stabiliser to use.

Detach the spray gun, wand, and hose after use and leave them to dry. The manual is clear and concise on the washers maintenance requirements so if you buy this product read it before anything else.

5. Conclusion:

The product is one of the best options for a household grade pressure washer. It comes with all the needed parts and accessories to allow you to start you’re cleaning immediately. It may not be the best product nor is it the most versatile in the surfaces it is capable of cleaning, but it’s still worth the money you would spend on it. It will allow you to clean a greater area quickly and is still one of the best in cleaning wood surfaces and driveways.

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