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Gas Washer vs. Electric Washer – What’s the difference?

The choice of whether to get an electric pressure washer or a gas pressure washer is a decision of personal preference and purpose. Both types come with their own pros and cons and each can do certain things better than the other. One who wishes to purchase a pressure washer must know these things so as to make the educated choice.

In this article, we shall enumerate the strengths and weaknesses of each type of pressure washer while give some suggestions on the best models of each. We will also see which is the better form of pressure washer for you.

Electric Pressure Washers


  • Some machines have the ability to reach something along the lines of 2000psi
  • Despite being able to reach high ratings, the remain relatively quiet machines
  • They are great for cleaning household objects such as grills, patios, cars, bikes, and pool area
  • More accessories available to make the pressure washers even more powerful
  • They require very low maintenance
  • There are no major parts that need replacing should anything go wrong
  • Light weight and portable, the can be easily lifted around the house and up the stairs
  • They are the ideal pressure washer for use indoors


  • The fact that it’s cheaper in price might mean that it’s cheaper in quality
  • You cannot expect an electric pressure washer to last for more than 10 years
  • Despite being very light and portable, the fact you must always be plugged into a power outlet means you are confined to the area with electricity

Recommended Models:

Electric pressure washers will get the job done as best it can with the greatest quality it can provide. Their the best kind of pressure washer for household cleaning and the fact that their light weight and need very low maintenance will make them the best kind of pressure washer for the casual cleaner. Understand, however, that they are not a lifetime investment and there are certain things they just don’t have the strength to clean.

Gasoline Pressure Washers


  • As the do not need to be plugged in to work, you can take it anywhere with you
  • The come with wheels for greater maneuverability
  • With good maintenance, they can last you many years
  • These pressure washers are very powerful with some being able to reach a rating of 4000 psi
  • Being that they are so powerful, they can clean anything to the point of spotless


  • You must constantly buy gas
  • Apart from gas, you will also need to purchase oil, detergent, and other things to aid in the cleaning process
  • They require a lot of maintenance to be able to run smoothly and live longer
  • They cost more than the electric pressure washer alternatives (about double)
  • Gas pressure washers are heavier and not as portable
  • They emit harmful fumes (CO is a silent killer) that make them unsuitable of indoor use

Recommended Models:

Gas powered pressure washers are one of the – if not the most – powerful form of pressure washer available for residential use. They can clean just about anything that requires cleaning and the can do it in a fraction of the time. Their downside is that they require more maintenance and that they will cost you more money in buying, operating, and maintaining them as opposed to electrically-powered pressure washers.

Which is better?

The electric pressure washer is undoubtedly friendlier for continues household use. It can do wonders with your general cleanings and home upkeep. However they are not long term investments and are limited in terms of power and the places you can bring them.

Gas pressure washers may be expensive in every aspect and strictly an outdoor tool, they are unmatched in their power to clean any and all surfaces. Although heavier, can are arguably more portable as they aren’t attached to an external power source.

If you’re looking for a versatile, all-around tool for your home that is affordable in every sense, then the electric pressure washer is the one to get. But you have money to spend, in search for unbridled power and something that will last you a long time, then the gas pressure washer is your kind of washer. There are individuals, for whom money is no object, that buy both types of pressure washer to get the best of what both can offer.

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