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Fidget Bands for Kids — A review

I have recently found out about this wonderful and simple implement called a fidget band. I have two young kids, 5 and 8 years old, and they’re the most hyperactive bunch you’ll ever see.

Then, a few months ago during the lockdown, one of the other parents showed me the fidget band: a rubber band that stretches around the chair legs and lets the kids twirl their feet around. This dissipates most of their hyperactive energy. My kids were really into it, and they went from not being able to sit for more than a few minutes, to being able to concentrate for around 20 minutes.

If you have hyperactive kids I highly recommend these things. I’m going to be recommending them to the school once the pandemic is over and everything is back to normal.

I got the Twiddler ones, here, https://twiddler.ca/. They fit around the dining table chairs nicely. Not too much slapping noise. If you can find them I definitely recommend them, but if you can’t find Twiddler ones I’m sure the other fidget bands also work.

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