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About PowerWasherInsider.com

PowerWasherInsider.com seeks to inform the general public about the use of pressure (or power) washers, as well as provide honest, unbiased reviews of electric and gas power washers. This site intends to answer some of the questions you may have about pressure washers, how to go about getting the right one and where they can be found.

PowerWasherInsider.com does not receive any form of incentives to review any product. All product reviews are done without the influence from the manufacturer or seller. We do this in order to ensure the impartiality of the review process. PowerWasherInsider.com does not sell the products we review, however, any link originating from our domain to “amazon.com” will include an affiliate link. Please see our affiliate disclosure section for more information.

Our home page is the best source of general information available on the most popular power washers in America. At over 5000 words, we include comprehensive reviews of 4 electric power washers and 4 gas power washers. Also included is a beginners introduction to power washers and a glossary.

The people at PowerWasherInsider.com hope that this information will be useful to anyone looking at buying a power washer, perhaps for the first time.

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